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How to install pixelmon?

How to install pixelmon

Pixelmon gives the user the ability to find pokemons in the wild. All downloads for Pixelmon are universal meaning that they are both server and client. This is a guide on how to install Pixelmon.

To install Pixelmon, you need to first download and install the Forge version. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • · Run the Minecraft launcher and choose Forge profile
  • · Go to the Start Menu and Run this- %appdata%/.minecraft
  • · Place Pixelmon Mod file into the mods folder without extracting it
  • · Then launch Minecraft using the Forge Profile

Forge download: http://files.minecraftforge.net/minecraftforge/minecraftforge-installer-1.6.4-

Pixelmon 2.5.7 download: http://www.4shared.com/zip/ov7qmAOK/Pixelmon_257.html

Installing Pixelmon

  • · Simply extract the downloaded Pixelmon Mod zip file into .minecraft folder.
  • · Next, there must be a database folder and mods folder with the pixelmon.zip contained within.
  • · When one starts up Minecraft, they should check in the mods menu in the main screen whether it lists Pixelmon file as one of the mods. If it does, then Pixelmon is successfully installed.
  • · In addition, ensure that you delete the pixelmon.cfg file from the minecraft/config folder. Do this also on the servers in case you had already installed a previous version of Pixelmon

The process of installing Pixelmon for Mac is virtually the same but much easier. It involves the following steps:

  • · Download the latest version of Pixelmon mod. This will be a zipped file.
  • · Drag and drop the zip file into the mods folder that is located at this path: /user/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods.
  • · In case a mods folder is not present, you just need to create one and place the Pixelmon zip file in there.

Once installation of Forge is complete, open the new launcher for Minecraft and click ��Edit Profile’. A pop up window should appear with several settings. Next, go down to the ��Use Version’ and then click on the drop-down menu. There should be the option for ��release 1.6.2 Forge 9.10.0’ or something similar. Select this and click on ��Save Profile’. You can now play the game.


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